Team News – Week 15 – 3rd/4th Aug

This week sees the First and Second team in action on Saturday and the second team play in the Hawke Trophy Final on Sunday

First Team Home Vs Hazel Grove


Meet 11:00am for 13:00 Start

G. Johnson (C)

M. Stringer (V/C)

G. Finan

L. Turner

C. Barnard

T. Finan

O. Marrow

T. Pottage

A. Allcock

S. Nugent

L. Cunningham

Reserves : From 2nds

Teas : L Cunningham

Scorer : K. Johnston


Second Team Away Vs Pott Shrigley


Meet 11:00 for 13:00 Start

J. Mercer (C)

H. Hyde  (V/C)

J. Maden

J. Hoctor

L. Saycell

R. Goodall

N. Tansella

C. Grime

S. Kent

T. Taylor

C. Bradbury


Reserves : R. Bent, G. Penney

Teas : N/A

Scorer : M. Johnston

Second Team Cup Final Vs Dove Holes

Venue : Pott Shrigley


Meet 11:00 (Godley Train Station K MATT COACH)  for 13:00 Start

J. Mercer (C)

M. Williams (V/C)

C. Williams

J. Cragg

H. Hyde 

J. Maden

J. Hoctor

C. Grime

T. Taylor

S. Kent

G. Wilde


Reserves : R. Bent

Scorer : M Johnston