200 Club


This year we have made small changes to the way we run the 200 club.

Did you know, with over 100 members the 200 Club is one of the main fund-raising initiatives of Newton Cricket Club?

We now hold 4 quarterly draws throughout the year. These draws will be held in February, May, August & November. Members pay £1 per number per month (Via Direct Debit) and are then included in each draw. We aim to give back 50% of the proceeds from subscriptions as prize money to our club members; the remaining 50% is retained by the club to fund a number of projects in and around the club.

Prizes are now given as £60 for 1st, 2nd £30 and 3rd £15. The November draw will be 2 prizes of £100 and this will be done at the Annual dinner. The more people that join, the bigger and better the prizes we are able to offer, but perhaps, more importantly, the more money we raise, the more funding we are able to provide for the club.

All results will be posted on the website and under the 200 Club tab.

For an application form to join the 200 Club, please contact either Joseph Hoctor, or Warren Stringer.