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2018 Junior Rota



Please note that all members have at least 2 games this season.


As usual, if for any reason you cannot attend any of your fixtures, it is YOUR responsibility to arrange a swap. Failure to fulfil your responsibilities could lead to non-selection for subsequent senior fixtures.



Monday 25 April                  17s          v                Mottram                (A)            K Johnston          J Hoctor

Sunday 01 May                   11s          v                Dinting                  (A)            J Cragg

Wednesday 04 May            13s          v                Hadfield                (H)            M Williams          C Williams

Sunday 08 May                   11s          v                Hadfield                (H)            A Turner

Monday 09 May                  15s          v                Compstall             (A)            M Stringer            G Ashworth

Wednesday 11 May            13s          v                Hollingworth         (A)            G Wilde                P Hammond

Sunday 15 May                   11s          v                Charlesworth        (A)            L Turner

Monday 16 May                   15s          v                Dinting                 (H)            A Grant                M Pottage

Wednesday 18 May             13s          v                Mottram               (H)            S Nugent             J Mercer

Monday 23 May                   15s          v                Charlesworth       (A)            N Tansella            A Allcock

Wednesday 25 May             13s          v                Broadbottom        (A)            G Penney            M Stringer

Sunday 29 May                    11s          v                Tintwistle             (A)            J Maden

Wednesday 01 June            13s          v                Old Glossop        (A)            L Turner               J Mercer

Thursday 15 June                15s          v                Woodley              (H)            P Cheetham        B Johnson

Sunday 05 June                   11s          v                Woodley              (H)            A Turner

Monday 06 June                  15s          v                Old Glossop        (A)            S Nugent              B Johnson

Wednesday 08 June            13s          v                Woodley              (A)            A Allcock              G Wilde

Sunday 12 June                   11s          v                Old Glossop        (A)            L Turner

Monday 13 June                  15s          v                Broadbottom       (A)            M Williams          C Williams

Wednesday 15 June            13s          v                Tintwistle             (A)            P Hammond        A Grant

Sunday 19 June                   11s          v                Broadbottom       (A)            J Maden

Monday 20 June                  15s          v                Mottram               (H)            W Stringer            J Mercer

Thursday 23 June                15s          v                Hollingworth        (A)            S Nugent              J Cragg

Sunday 26 June                   11s          v                Mottram               (H)            M Hyde

Monday 27 June                  15s          v                Hadfield               (H)            N Tansella            A Turner

Wednesday 29 June            13s          v                Charlesworth       (A)            G Wilde                J Mercer

Sunday 03 July                    11s          v                Hollingworth         (A)            P Hammond

Monday 04 July                   15s          v                Dinting                  (A)            A Grant                M Pottage

Wednesday 06 July             13s          v                Compstall             (H)            M Stringer           G Penney

Sunday 10 July                    11s          v                Hadfield                (H)            P Cheetham

Monday 11 July                    17s          v                Broadbottom        (A)            K Johnston          A Allcock

Wednesday 13 July              13s          v                Dinting                 (A)            M Williams           C Williams

Thursday 14 July                  17s          v                Hollingworth         (A)            K Johnston          N Tansella

Monday 18 July                    17s          v                Hadfield                (H)            K Johnston          J Hoctor

Thursday 21 July                  17s          v                Dinting                  (H)            K Johnston          W Stringer

Monday 25 July                    17s          v                Old Glossop          (A)            K Johnston          G Ashworth