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2019 Junior Rota

Hi everyone


We are reintroducing the Junior Rota this season as we are a manager and coaches short.


I cannot emphasise enough the importance of complying with this rota.


If, for whatever reason, you cannot attend on the allocated day, YOU MUST arrange to swap with someone or organise a suitable replacement.


If you have to swap or subsititute YOU MUST contact the relevant Coach and advise him of the situation.


If you fail to comply with the above then I will have no choice but to advise the subsequently convened selection committee that you are not available for selection for 1 game.


Unfortunately the DCCL are dragging their feet in issuing fixtures for the Under 11s and Under 13s but as our Under 15s are playing in the GMCL this year we have their fixtures and as they start on 22/04/2019 I am going to issue a rota for just the Under 15s at this stage to give members as much time as possible if they need to swap/substitute. As soon as I have the DCCL fixtures I will update the rota.


I have placed 2 members on each fixture, one will be expected to umpire whilst the other will be expected to score. Each game commences at 6:15pm.




Mon     22/04   U15      Denton St Lawrence (A)          G Johnson        M Stringer

Sun      28/04   U11      Mottram (H)                            G Finan            M Edwards

Mon     29/04   U15      Denton West (H)                     A Allcock         L Turner

Weds   01/05   U13      Old Glossop (A)                       M Hyde            Jack Mercer

Sun      05/05   U11      Old Glossop (A)                       A Turner          J Maden

Mon     06/05   U15      Dukinfield (A)                          M Williams      Jonny Mercer

Weds   08/05   U13      Woodley (A)                            S Nugent          T Pottage

Sun      21/05   U11      Broadbottom (A)                     O Marrow       J Hoctor

Mon     13/05   U15      Flowery Field (H)                     R Bent              N Tansella

Weds   15/05   U13      Charlesworth (H)                    L Cunningham C Bradbury

Sun      19/05   U11      Hadfield (H)                             K Johnston       C Grime

Mon     20/05   U15      Ashton (A)                               M Edwards      T Pottage

Weds   22/05   U13      Dinting (H)                               S Nugent          Jack Mercer

Sun      26/05   U11      Dinting (H)                               A Turner          N Tansella

Mon     27/05   U15      Staley (H)                                K Johnston       M Johnston

Mon     03/06   U15      Droylsden (A)                          O Marrow       J Hoctor

Weds   05/06   U13      Tintwistle (A)                           G Johnson        M Stringer

Sun      09/06   U11      Tintwistle (A)                           G Finan            R Bent

Weds   12/06   U13      Broadbottom (A)                     M Williams      Jonny Mercer

Sun      16/06   U11      Charlesworth (A)                     M Hyde            G Penney

Mon     17/06   U15      Denton (H)                              C Bradbury      C Grime

Weds   19/06   U13      Hollingworth (H)                     A Allcock         L Turner

Sun      23/06   U11      Hollingworth (H)                     M Johnston      L Cunningham

Weds   26/06   U13      Mottram (H)                            G Penney         J Maden

Junior Contacts


Under 11’s Manager

Mark Barnard

Under 13’s Manager

 Keith Johnston

Under 15’s Manager

 Dennis Chalmers
 07800 618103