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2019 Match Ball Sponsors

Hi everyone…

As the season will soon be upon us, we are seeking Match Ball sponsorship.

As a Match Ball Sponsor, yourself or your company will receive advertisement throughout the week* before your selected game and on the Match Day. Advertisement will be across all our social media platforms and our website, there will also be a poster on display in the club with your company name on.

You will also be entitled to tea** to be taken with the players at half time along with a drink of your choice***.

Sponsorship costs £20 per match

If you wish to sponsor more than one match, we can do this at a reduced fee for the 2nd game.

Below are a list of all the dates available to sponsor, in the upcoming weeks all the fixtures will be uploaded but for now if you have a date in mind please drop an email to to secure your date.

*Additional Fixture dates at a reduced fee are in bold as they are Away matches and don’t include complementary food and Drink,  Match Ball costs £15 per game …..

Date                      Fixture                                                  Sponsor

27th April              1st X1 vs Hazel Grove                      Fairway Property & Maintenance

28th April              3rd X1 vs Denton West

4th May                 2nd X1 vs Offerton                            Newlace Ltd

5th May (cup)     2nd X1 vs Old Glossop                     Kudos Drinks

11th May              1st X1 vs Stalybridge                        Newlace Ltd

12th May              3rd X1 vs Mottram                            Reddish joinery

18th May              2nd X1 vs Chapel on Le Frith      Waverly lodge

25th May              1st X1 vs Hadfield                              Natalie Magill

1st June                1st X1 vs Tintwistle                            Natalie Magill

8th June                2nd X1 vs High Lane                        Globe Scaffolding Hire Ltd

9th June                3rd X1 vs Whalley Range               Reddish joinery

15th June              2nd X1 vs Pott Shrigley                  Waverly lodge

15th June              1st X1 vs Hazel Grove 

22nd June             1st X1 vs Birch Vale                          Globe Scaffolding Hire Ltd

22nd June             2nd X1 vs Offerton

23rd  June             SEMI FINAL CUP 2nd X1

23rd  June            1/4 FINAL CUP  1st X1

29th June              2nd X1 vs Hollingworth

29th June               1st X1 vs Stalybridge  W & S. Commercial services Ltd

6th July                  1st X1 vs Buxworth

6th July                  2nd X1 vs Chapel on Le Frith

7th July                  3rd X1 vs Denton

13th July                2nd X1 vs Charlsworth – FORGET-ME NOTS FLORIST,DENTON

13th July                1st X1 vs Hadfield  

14th July                3rd X1 vs Denston St Lawrence

20th July                2nd X1 vs Mottram

20th July                1st X1 vs Tintwistle

27th July                1st X1 vs Old Glossop               Waverly lodge

27th July                2nd X1 vs High Lane

3rd Aug                  1st X1 vs Hazel Grove

3rd Aug                  2nd X1 vs Pott Shrigley 

4th Aug                  3rd X1 vs Droylsden

10th Aug               2nd X1 vs Offerton                        Waverly lodge

10th Aug                1st X1 vs Birch Vale

17th Aug               1st X1 vs Stalybridge

17th Aug               2nd X1 vs Hollingworth

24th Aug               2nd X1 vs Chapel On Le Frith

24th Aug               1st X1 vs Buxworth

25th Aug               3rd X1 vs Ashton CC                     Waverly lodge

31st Aug                1st X1 vs Hadfield

31st Aug                2nd X1 vs Charlsworth

7th Sept                1st X1 vs Tintwistle

7th Sept                 2nd X1 vs Mottram

14th Sept             1st X1 vs Old Glossop

14th Sept              2nd X1 vs High Lane




*Once the teams are uploaded on a Tuesday evening. **Tea/lunch for one to be taken at the same time as the players. ***Drink to the value of £3