NatWest Cricket Force Work Day 2016


NatWest CricketForce 2016 will take place on Saturday 2nd April at Newton Cricket Club.

NatWest CricketForce is an initiative for cricket clubs encouraging members of the club and local community to get together to get the ground ready for the new season.

This weekend, we hope to see all of our members, friends and family up at the club, to help us rejuvinate our facilities and get prepared ahead of the new season. A list of club projects can be seen below. They range from cleaning, painting, sight screen renewal, outdoor ground work outdoors, as well as a number of other tasks in the changing rooms and club house.

Despite the need to get these jobs done, before the commencement of the forthcoming season, the day is always an enjoyable one. We’d appreciate it if you could bring any spades, shovels or secateurs etc. if you have them.

We hope to see you at 9am up at the club for a bacon butty and a brew before we get to work.

Many hands make light work.



Natwest Cricket Force Work Day 2nd April 2016 Job List

  • Clean & tidy showers, dressing rooms, umpires room, kit room, windows, carpets, bar (bar committee) & kitchen.
  • Clean & paint nladies & gents toilets.
  • Clear gutters front & rear.
  • Clear weeds from front and sides.
  • Remove junk from fron entrance (old appliances etc.)
  • Tidy furniture container.
  • Tidy scorebox & maintain scoreboard.
  • Paint sightscreens.
  • Clear area behind pavilion.
  • Repair outside pipework to sink unit.
  • Trim back branches etc. on the lane.
  • Renew practice nets.
  • Tidy ground equipment container & garage (ground committee.)