Jul 26

Team News – Week 15, 29th & 30th July 2017

Its week 15 of the Intersport Monkhouse Derbyshire & Cheshire League and after a free weekend for the 1st XI and another loss its time for another round of fixtures.

Last weekend saw the 1st XI have their last bye of the season and saw the 2nd XI fall to yet another embarrassing 60 all out defeat away to Tintwistle.

This weekend the 1st XI have got a long trip to play Chapel while the 2nd XI desperately need a win at home against Hayfield. The 3rd team have also got a game on Sunday after a long break as they play Stand away.

Don’t forget that this weekend it is the Chairmans BBQ at the club starting straight after the home game. Hot beef & Ham butties to be served with burgers and sausages on the BBQ. If you have your own food bring it up and it will be cooked for you or you can do it yourself.

1st XI vs Chapel AWAY (SAT) Meet 11:30am for 1pm start.


  1. L. Turner (C)
  2. S. Nugent (VC)
  3. J. Ankers
  4. M. Stringer
  5. C. Williams
  6. J. Cragg
  7. A. Grant
  8. Johnny. Mercer
  9. C. Grime
  10. M. Williams
  11. C. Bradbury

Reserve(s) from –  TBA.

Scorer – V. Penney

2nd XI vs Hayfield HOME (SAT) Meet 11:45m for 1pm start.

  1. G. Penney (C)
  2. O. Marrow (VC)
  3. M. Hyde
  4. R. Bent
  5. G. Finan
  6. M. Pottage
  7. T. Pottage
  8. M. Barnard
  9. H. Dimond
  10. L. Saycell
  11. J. Hoctor

Reserve(s) from –  Jack. Mercer, T. Finan

Scorer – T. Chambers

Teas – G. Penney


3rd XI vs Stand AWAY (SAT) Meet 12:30pm for 2pm start.


  1. R. Bent (C)
  2. J. Hoctor (VC)
  3. T. Taylor
  4. P. Marrow
  5. T. Finan
  6. Johnny. Mercer
  7. T. Pottage
  8. O. Marrow
  9. C. Bradbury
  10. J. Ankers
  11. Jack. Mercer

Reserve(s) from –  O. Prime, C. Brody,

Scorer – T. Chambers