Team News – Week 16 – 10th/11th Aug

This week sees the First and Second team in action on Saturday and third team in action on Sunday.

Weathers looking grim but fingers crossed for some cricket being played

First Team Away Vs Birch Vale


Meet 11:00am for 13:00 Start

G. Johnson (C)

M. Stringer (V/C)

G. Finan

L. Turner

C. Barnard

T. Finan

O. Marrow

T. Pottage

A. Allcock

S. Nugent

L. Cunningham

Reserves : From 2nds

Teas : N/A

Scorer : K. Johnston


Second Team Home Vs Offerton


Meet 11:30 for 13:00 Start

R. Bent (C)

H. Hyde  (V/C)

J. Cragg

J. Maden

J. Hoctor

R. Goodall

G. Wilde

C. Grime

G. Penney

T. Taylor

M. Barnard



Reserves : M. Edwards, J. Mercer

Teas : J. Hoctor

Scorer : M. Johnston

Third Team Away Vs Mottram


Meet 12:30 for 1400 Start

Ja. Mercer (C)

S. Kent (V/C)

A. Farrell

M. Stringer

M. Clayton

L. Cunningham

T. Taylor

R. Goodall

J. Richardson

T. Finan

T. Chalmers


Reserves : R. Bent

Scorer : M Johnston