Aug 17

Team News – Week 18, 19th & 20th August 2017

Its week 17 of the Intersport Monkhouse Derbyshire & Cheshire League and no games last weekend its time to go into the last stretch of the 2017 season.

Last weekend saw the 1st XI supposedly playing Birch Vale away but unfortunately the home team couldn’t field a side which saw us walk away with all 20 points.

The 2nd XI were supposed to be playing Dove Holes at home in a division 3 tie but this was called off before a ball was even bowled due to a waterlogged pitch.

This weekend sees the 1st XI at home to Hollingworth while the 2nd XI are at away at Old Glossop.

The 3rd team have also got a game on Sunday again and after a defeat away at Whalley Range they take on Bury at home.

1st XI HOME vs Hollingworth (SAT) Meet 11:30am for 1pm start.


  1. L. Turner (C)
  2. S. Nugent (VC)
  3. J. Cragg
  4. M. Stringer
  5. J. Ankers
  6. A. Grant
  7. C. Williams
  8. C. Grime
  9. Jn. Mercer
  10. T. Pottage
  11. A. Stones

Reserve(s) from –  TBA.

Scorer – B. Pottage

Teas – J. Cragg


2nd XI AWAY vs Old Glossop (SAT) Meet 11:30am for 1pm start.

  1. G. Penney (C)
  2. O. Marrow (VC)
  3. M. Hyde
  4. M. Pottage
  5. T. Taylor (WK)
  6. G. Ashworth
  7. M. Williams
  8. C. Bradbury
  9. Jk. Mercer
  10. P. Marrow
  11. M. Edwards

Reserve(s) from –  TBA

Scorer – V. Penney


3rd XI HOME vs Bury (SUN) Meet 12:00pm for 1:30pm start.


  1. J. Hoctor (C)
  2. M. Stringer (VC)
  3. T. Taylor (WK)
  4. Ja. Mercer
  5. L. Richardson
  6. T. Pottage
  7. A. McGregor
  8. L. Critchlow
  9. P. Marrow
  10. C. Bradbury
  11. L. Saycell

Reserve(s) from –  M. Freeman, W. Mitty

Scorer – B. Pottage

Teas – P. Marrow