Team News – Week 2, 5th May 2018


After a complete washout last week we try to get the season up and running again this weekend.

Its week 2 of the Intersport Monkhouse Derbyshire & Cheshire League and its the first cup weekend of the season. The 1st XI have got a bye while the 2nd XI have a home game against Dove Holes in the Hawke Trophey.

Our GMCL 3rd XI also have a game this Sunday when they have a trip over the hills to play Friarmere Oddfellows.


2nd XI HOME vs Dove Holes (SAT) Meet 12:00pm for 1pm start.

  1. G. Penney (C)
  2. O. Marrow (VC)
  3. M. Barnard
  4. M. Pottage
  5. J. Maden
  6. M. Hyde
  7. C. Barnard
  8. J. Hoctor
  9. C. Bradbury
  10. H. Dimond
  11. T. Finan

Reserve(s) from –  M. Johnston, J. Mercer, T. Taylor

Scorer – T. Chambers

Teas – O. Marrow


3rd XI AWAY vs Friarmere Oddfellows (SUN) Meet 12 noon for 1.30pm start.

  1. C. Bradbury (C)
  2. M. Stringer (VC)
  3. T. Finan
  4. T. Chambers
  5. G. Finan
  6. M . Johnston
  7. T. Pottage
  8. L. Turner
  9. L. Richardson
  10. G. Johnson
  11. P. Marrow

Reserve(s) from –  J. Farfan, C. Brody,  S. Skripal

Scorer – S. Person