Team News – Week 6 – 1st/2nd June

We have Games on Saturday and Sunday this week

Match Ball Sponsor for Saturday is   Natalie Magill

As always we thank you for your support and hope to see you at the match

First team Home Vs Tintwistle


Meet 11:00am for 13:00 Start

G. Johnson (C)

M. Stringer (V/C)

G. Finan

T. Pottage

L. Turner

L. Cunningham

C. Barnard

O. Marrow

M. Edwards

S. Nugent

T. Finan


Reserves : From 2nd X1

Teas : M. Barnard

Scorer : K. Johnston


Second team Away Vs Mottram


Meet 11:30 for 13:00 Start

J. Mercer (C)

M. Williams (V/C)

C. Bradbury

J. Hoctor

A. Grant

S. Kent

C. Grime

T. Taylor

L. Saycell

G. Penney

Jack Mercer



Reserves : P. Billingsley

Teas : N/A

Scorer : M. Johnston

Second team Home Vs Pott Shrigley

Sunday Hawke Trophy

Meet 11:30 for 13:00 Start

J. Mercer (C)


C. Grime


R. Bent



A. Grant

L. Saycell

M. Hyde

R. Goodall

Reserves : C. Bradbury, P. Billingsley, Jack Mercer

Teas : L. Saycell

Scorer : M. Johnston