Team Selection Saturday and Sunday 24th – 25th July


1st X1 Home Vs New Mills

1pm start meet 11:30pm @ Newton

  1. Danny Weston (C)
  2. Joel Ankers (V.C)
  3. J. Curtis
  4. J. Cragg
  5. S. Bennett
  6. C. Williams
  7. Jonny Mercer
  8. B. Downend
  9. A. Allcock
  10. O. Marrow
  11. R. Goodall

reserves from 2nd X1

2nd X1 Away Vs Woodley

1pm Start…Meet 11:30pm

  1. J. Hoctor (C)
  2. M. Hyde (V.C)
  3. T. Taylor
  4. G. Ashworth
  5. G. Wilde
  6. Jack Mercer
  7. C. Bradbury
  8. J. Richardson
  9. U. Jamil
  10. M. Edwards
  11. S. Kent

Reserves: H. Ashworth, M. Williams


3rd X1 Home Vs Woodhouses

2pm Start…Meet 1pm

  1. R. Bent
  2. Jack Mercer
  3. S. Kent
  4. R. Kent
  5. M. Stringer
  6. M. Croot
  7. A. Farell
  8. Dom Bennett
  9. A. Camm
  10. G. Thornburn
  11. G. Arrowsmith

Reserves from : A Hudson J Peacock

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